Tigers Celebrate ALDS Victory Like a New Zealand Rugby Team (Video + GIFs)

detroit tigers haka dance

Most baseball teams celebrate a big victory either by creating a big dog pile near the pitcher’s mound or, more often, bunching together as tight as possible and jumping up and down in unison like they’re at some kind of weird rave. But not the Detroit Tigers. No, they have apparently decided to celebrate like…New Zealanders?

Mind you, there is not a single player on the Detroit Tigers roster who hails from New Zealand. I checked. Rick Porcello is from New Jersey, but that’s about as close as it gets. So it’s unclear why, exactly, the Tigers celebrated their clutch Game 5 win over the Oakland A’s last night by doing a Haka Dance—the traditional war dance performed by New Zealand’s Maori warriors, made popular around the world by the New Zealand All Blacks national rugby team—but they did.


detroit tiger haka dance 1 (alds celebration)

detroit tigers haka dance 2 (alds celebration)

So how does it stack up to the All Blacks’ rendition? Well, see for yourself:

Yeah, the All Blacks are better. But I guess we’ll give the Tigers an A for effort.

Well, maybe a B for effort.

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