Revolution Striker Saer Sene Suffers Gruesome Broken Leg and Dislocated Ankle (Video)

Saer Sene Injury

One of the hardest parts of being even a casual sports fan is the question of how to handle the inevitable gruesome injury videos—to watch, or not to watch? The latest video to pose this question comes from the recent Major League Soccer game between the New England Revolution and the Montreal Impact.

During the game, Revolution Striker Saer Sene was tackled hard by Montreal’s Davy Arnaud, and his foot got caught in between Arnaud’s legs. The tackle ended up breaking Sene’s left leg and dislocating his left ankle, prematurely ending his season in a visually disturbing manner.

If you’ve made your decision, you can watch Saer Sene’s season-ending leg injury below. For Arnaud’s part, he is quoted as saying, “I still feel bad about it, I hope he’s OK.”  I share that sentiment.


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