Mike Green Misses Check, Goes Up and Over the Boards For a Line Change (Video)

washington capitals mike green over the boards line change

I guess Washington Capitals coach Adam Oates told defenseman Mike Green that he wasn’t getting off the ice fast enough during line changes. That, or Green was just Torii Huntering. Either way, the guy went over the boards and into the Washington bench head first against the Oilers last night.

Okay, I kid. In actuality, Green was going in to check Edmonton forward Jesse Joensuu, but the kid side-stepped the hit at the last second and Green was unable to do the same. And at first glance, the play was pretty funny—hahahaha checking fail!

Then you take a close look and realize defenseman Nate Schmidt (no. 88) nearly had his nose sliced off by Green’s skate, which is kind of sobering.

See for yourself:

Fortunately no one took a skate to the neck, and Green was not seriously injured. But man, that could have been ugly.

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