Tom Brady’s Game-Winning Touchdown Vs. the Saints Gets the Tecmo Bowl Treatment (Video + GIFs)

tecmo bowl treatment of brady touchdown

In recent years, notable NFL plays have been getting what’s known around here as “The Tecmo Bowl treatment.”

What is the Tecmo Bowl treatment? Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: famous plays re-enacted by the iconic late-80s football video game.

Want some examples? Well, the Tim Tebow touchdown on the first play of overtime against the Steelers got the Tecmo Bowl treatment. That was a no-brainer, really. And the Alex Smith-to-Vernon Davis touchdown to beat the Saints in January of 2012 also got the treatment.

So you see where this is going, right? On Sunday, we witnessed a pretty memorable fourth quarter comeback drive from Tom Brady. And since it was kind of a big deal, it’s only natural that it would get the treatment.

First, take a look at the actual play:

brady comeback touchdown 1

brady comeback touchdown 2

Now see how it looks in Tecmo Bowl:

Aaaaand now watch Tom Brady get left hanging by his teammates:

brady left hanging

Yeah, this last one wasn’t really necessary, but I had to throw it in.

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