Wild Defenseman Keith Ballard Takes a Puck to the Face (GIF)

keith ballard puck to face

Hockey is one dangerous sport. If you’re not falling face-first to the ice, you’re almost getting your face sliced off or taking a puck to the kisser.

Last night in Buffalo, the Minnesota Wild’s Keith Ballard was just the latest NHLer to experience this last bit of pleasantness. It wasn’t a slap shot or anything, so Ballard probably isn’t going to get too much sympathy from the Maple Leafs’ Mark Fraser. But it probably didn’t feel great when the puck deflected off the foot of Brian Flynn and smacked him in the chiclets.

Take a look:

keith ballard puck to the face

Now you would think, given how Ballard left the game after this and did not return, that the Wild would have issued some sort of statement about his health. But no. We actually have no idea how Ballard is. So I guess that means he’s either fine, or he will require major dental surgery and will be out 2-3 months…or he choked on his teeth and died.

Okay fine. I’m pretty sure he didn’t die, because we would have heard about that. But other than this, we know nothing. So go ahead and make up your own story about what happened.

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