The 15 Hottest Girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

mario balotteli girlfriends

Last week we brought you a list of pro athletes with a penchant for patronizing the world’s oldest profession, and among them was Italian soccer superstar Mario Balotelli. A surprise? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, he’s a pretty wild dude who seems to burn the candle at both ends, so the fact that he hooks up with hookers isn’t surprising. On the other hand, the guy “dates” so many really hot women—he’s like the Jeter of Itlay, only less classy—that it’s hard to imagine why he would ever pay for sex.

In any case, in doing a little research concerning Super Mario’s for that list last week, we discovered something rather shocking that somehow escaped our attention: Mario Balotteli is engaged. As in, to be married.

Why is this shocking? Well, let’s just say Mario isn’t exactly known for his excessive faithfulness and loyalty to the women he’s with. And on top of that, he’s still only 23-years old. Could it possibly be that he’s already sowed all his wild Italian oats?

In any case, all of this provided joyous inspiration for today’s list: the 15 hottest girlfriends* of Mario Balotteli. Maybe you’re not a soccer fan, and you don’t care a lick about this guy. But his lady friends are hot. And you do like looking at pictures of hot women, right?

*Obviously, we use the term “girlfriends” so lightly as to render it nearly meaningless. Just go with it. 

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