John Lackey Had Some Choice Words for John Farrell After Getting the Hook in Game 3 (GIF)

john lackey pissed

John Lackey has been the rock of the Red Sox’s starting rotation this year. Clay Bucholz often had better stuff, and might be considered the ace of the staff, but he spent a good deal of time on the DL, while Lackey pitched 189 innings over 29 starts, compiling a 3.52 ERA. Those aren’t exactly Cy Young numbers, but considering his ERA the last two seasons was 4.40 and 6.41, respectively, it was pretty damn awesome.

Unfortunately, Lackey’s first outing of the postseason—Game 2 of the ALDS against the Rays—wasn’t so sharp. He went just 5.1 innings, giving up four runs on seven hits and three walks. The Sox won, but it was no thanks to him.

On Wednesday afternoon in Detroit, however, Lackey redeemed himself. Matched up against Justin Verlander, who is finally looking like the old Justin Verlander again, Lackey held his own. Through six innings he gave up just four hits, walked none, and struck out eight.

So when Sox manager John Farrell decided to give Lackey the quick hook with two outs in the bottom of the 7th with a runner on first, he was not happy. And it seems he had some choice words for his manager.

Take a look:

john lacky tells off john farrell

I could be mistaken, but I believe Lackey is saying, “Come on man, you gotta be sh*ttin me.”

And don’t think for a second that anybody in Boston is bothered by this. In fact, quite the opposite is probably true. You want your pitchers to be pissed when they get pulled from the game. You want them to want the ball. That’s the drive that makes them great.

So yeah, they’re happy in Boston. They got the 1-0 win, and John Lackey is sharp and all fired up.  We’ll see if they get the same type of emotional performance from Jake Peavy during Game 4 tonight.

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