Junior Hockey Player Suffers Seizure After Hitting Head on Ice During Fight (Video)

hockey player dylan chanter has seizure after fight

Every once in a while, an incident occurs that brings up the old debate of whether fighting should be eliminated from hockey. Fans of old time hockey don’t like it, of course. They insist fighting is as much a part of the game as pucks and sticks, and point out that injuries are a part of every sport. But the debate is part of our human nature. When something bad happens, we have to ask ourselves whether it needed to happen.

We saw just such an incident two weeks ago on the opening night of the NHL season. Montreal’s George Parros lost his balance while fighting and fell face-first to the ice, knocking himself out cold, creating a huge pool of blood, and suffering a concussion.

Now we have an incident that, if you can believe it, is even more jarring. It comes from a USHL junior hockey game on October 12 between the Cedar Rapids Rough Riders and the Dubuque Fighting Saints. Rough Riders defenseman Dylan Chanter got into a fight with Saints forward Cory Petrash—a fight that ended when Chanter hit his bare head on the ice so hard that he had a seizure right then and there.

Take a look:

Hey Cedar Rapids hockey fans, that guy is not okay. You might want to cool it with the cowbells, mmkay?

Anyway, I bet you’re wondering who ended up winning the game, right? No? Well, that’s just as well, because they didn’t even finish playing the game. Officials determined that this incident was too traumatic for the other guys to play through—probably the right call.

Fortunately, it appears as though Chanter is going to be okay. He later sent out this tweet from the hospital:

dylan chanter tweet ushl scary hockey fight

It’s good to know that he didn’t die and all, but this was still pretty terrifying.

Let the debate rage on.

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