Embarrassing Fail: Nets’ Mascot “BrooklynKnight” Airs Out a Trampoline Dunk (Video)

BrooklynKnight dunk fail

We’ve seen some horribly embarrassing moments involving trampolines and basketball nets, and here’s another.

It comes from last night’s preseason game in Brooklyn between the Nets and the Celtics—which was won by the Nets, 82-80.  Between quarters, Nets mascot BrooklynKnight attempted to entertain the crowd with a trampoline dunk over a row of cheerleaders.  And while his performance was entertaining, it wasn’t the result of a job well done.

Rather, it was an embarrassing fail that caught the attention of everyone, as BrooklynKnight’s dunk attempt resulted in an air-ball.  And that air-ball stayed in the air for a while, as no one seemed to know how to get it down from above the backboard.  So instead of wasting time finding a ladder, the two teams just played around it, because no one really cares about NBA preseason games anyway.

Here’s a look at the incident:

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