Here’s Will Ferrell, Dressed as a Trojan While Conducting the USC Marching Band (Video)

will ferrell directing usc marching band

We interrupt our regularly scheduled lineup of depressing-ass sports stories to bring you something that will, in all likelihood, make you laugh.

That something? It’s Will Ferrell. Directing the USC Trojans marching band. In full Trojan regalia. But of course, you probably figured all that out just from looking at the picture. So just go ahead and watch the clip:

Ferrell was on campus recently for a speaking engagement. But of course, lots of people are on the USC campus every single day for speaking engagements, and they don’t all end up dressed like this and conducting the school’s marching band.  No, Ferrell is special. Not only is he an alum of USC (true story), but he is also a sports nut who’s always doing stuff like this.

Well, maybe not exactly like this, but you know what I mean.

In any case, it was nice of Ferrell to stop by his old stomping grounds and cheer everybody up. It’s been kind of a rough year for USC football. Right Lane Kiffin?

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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