Bulls Announcer Stacy King Has His Own Soundboard

stacey king

Over the years, Chicago Bulls announcer Stacey King certainly has put the “color” in color analyst. Pretty much any time you tune in to CSN to watch a Bulls game, you are guaranteed to hear some colorful expression come from this guy’s mouth, because he’s got at least one for every situation and, more importantly, every player on the team.

Former Bull Ronnie Brewer? He was “Chicago finest brew.” When former Bull Kyle Korver would hit a three-pointer? It was “Reservations for three, Mr. Korver, your table is ready.” And when current Bull Carlos Boozer does anything special, it’s “He’s giving out tickets to the Booze Cruise!”

Like I said, King is a man of many colorful expressions, and he’s pretty much the most entertaining courtside announcer in the NBA.

But why are we talking about him now? Because he’s got his very own soundboard on the Bulls’ official website. That means if you just want to listen to him say “I wanna facial!” over, and over, and over, and over…now you can.

Here’s a list of all the catch phrases on the Stacey King soundboard:

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 1.49.26 PM

Go have some fun with it yourself right here. It’s good stuff.

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