Rejoice, Chicago: Derrick Rose Is Back (Videos)

derek rose first start in chicago since injury

I’m not a Chicago Bulls fan, but to me it was starting to feel like Derrick Rose was never going to come back. In Chicago, his one-year absence must have felt like a decade.

After becoming the youngest player ever to win the NBA MVP award during the 2010-11 season, Rose struggled with injuries in 2011-12 before tearing his ACL during Game 1 of the Bulls’ first round playoff series against the 76ers. The recovery period was stated to be 8-12 months, meaning he would miss most of the 2012-13 season. However, doctors actually cleared him for full contact practice last January. Maybe there would be a miracle!

But no. March rolled around. Then April. But Derrick was still not playing. His knee was reportedly fine. It just seemed like he lacked confidence, and people were wondering if he was going to become some sort of weird head-case.

Fortunately for Bulls fans and, really, the entire league, Derrick Rose is actually going to play basketball this season. Like, for real.  And last night he made his first start in Chicago since that agonizing night in the spring of 2012. Sure, it was only a preseason game, but it was still kind of a big deal.

Here’s his pre-game introduction:

And here’s a little D-Rose highlight package. Summary: he scored 22 points and looked pretty freakin good.

Welcome back, Derrick. Please end the Miami Heat’s reign of terror.

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