High School Football Awesomeness: Same Kid Blocks Two Punts on One Play (Video)

high school football player blocks two punts on one play

Normally if you hear somebody talking about two punts in one play, you’d assume we’re talking about Canadian football, where you can pretty much kick the ball whenever you want. However, today we are talking about American football. And the reason there were two punts in the single play in question is because the first one was blocked.

Of course, it’s not the fact that there were two punts that makes this play remarkable. What makes it remarkable is that, after the first one was blocked, the same player scrambled to block the second one as well.

You don’t see that every day, do you?

It went down last Friday during a high school game in Indiana between Rensselaer Central and Central Catholic. Rensselaer’s Dalton Souders blocked a Central Catholic punt. Then there was a scramble for the ball, the punter recovered it, tried to punt a second time, and was again it was blocked by Souders.

That’s what you call hustle. Take a look:

Yeah, the punter kind of flubbed the second one a bit, but Souders still got a hand on the ball.  And without that, Rensselaer wouldn’t have pounced for the TD. So give this kid a hand.

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