Shane Victorino to Detroit Hecklers: “I’ll Make You My Bitch” (Video + GIF)

shane victorino make you my bitch

Heckling is a time-honored sports tradition, and nowhere has this ancient art been refined and perfected as well as in the bleachers at a major league baseball game, where you will find the perfect storm of creativity and vulgarity.

Normally, of course, the players are pretty good at zoning out and not paying much attention to the fans. However, when things aren’t going well, then the voices start to creep in, and that’s when confrontations happen.

Case in point: Red Sox right fielder Shane Victorino last night in Detroit. His team was having a pretty rough go of it, down 5-0 after two innings and 7-2 by the bottom of the seventh. So the Flyin’ Hawaiian was pretty frustrated and just not in the mood to take sh*t from the bleacher creatures. And that led to this confrontation after Victorino made a nice running grab on a drive off the bat of Miguel Cabrera:

shane victorino grabs crotch tells fan i'll make you my bitch

Luckily for you, I happen to be an expert at reading lips. Thus, I can tell you with full confidence that he told the fans, “I’ll make you my bitch!”

Okay, fine. I can’t read his lips. But I know that’s what he said because FOX’s magical microphones picked up the audio. See:

Be cool, Shane. There’s a lot of baseball left to play.

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