Jonathan Bernier Channels His Inner Jonathan Quick—By Letting in Soft Goals (Video)

bernier fail - worst goal

When the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Jonathan Bernier from the Kings, the netminder wasn’t walking into a situation in which he’d definitely be the number one guy. The Leafs already had a solid goalie in James Reimer who led them to the playoffs last year for the first time in over 75 years…

…Okay, so it wasn’t exactly 75 years. But it felt that long.

Still, it had to feel good for Bernier to get out from behind the other Jonathan in L.A., 2012 Conn Smythe-winner Jonathan Quick. As long as he was around, Bernier, a very capable keeper, was never going to get his shot at true NHL stardom.

That being said, you don’t practice and play with a superstar goalie every day for a couple of years without picking up a few things. And unfortunately for Bernier, one of the things he picked up from the otherwise stellar Quick might just be the tendency to totally space out every once in a while.

What am I talking about? Well, last week, Quick gave up an extremely embarrassing gaffe against the Rangers that cost his team the game. Then, last night against Carolina, Bernier did almost the exact same thing. And it, too, cost his team the game.

Take a look:

Bernier has actually played very well so far this season and is a big reason why the Leafs have gotten off to such a great start. But man, does he wish he could take that one back.

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