Marshawn Lynch Was in Full Beast Mode Last Night (GIFs)

marshawn lynch beast mode

Last night, Marshawn Lynch only had 91 yards rushing and one touchdown in the Seattle Seahawks’ 34-22 win over the Arizona Cardinals. On paper, the real star of the game was Russell Wilson, who went 18/29 for 235 yards passing and three touchdowns. But of course, paper doesn’t always tell the story.

This is not to say Wilson didn’t have a great game. Obviously he did. It’s just to say that, if you saw Marshawn Lynch, you knew the guy was in full-on beast mode.

Examples, you want? Well how about this. Midway through the third quarter, with the game still up for grabs, Lynch took the ball, spun to break one tackle, and then powered through two more members of the Arizona backfield until a third finally helped bring him down after 18 yards.

marshawn lynch 18-yard run

Then, just two plays later, Marshawn turned in a powerful four-yard run on 2nd and goal that absolutely destroyed Darnell Dockett and popped his helmet right off.

marshawn lynch destroys darnell dockett

marshawn lynch takes it to one yard line

Unfortunately, as I’m sure those of you who have Marshawn Lynch on your fantasy team are well aware, he did not get to take the ball in for the score. On the next play Pete Caroll called a passing play from the one-yard line and Russell Wilson got the glory.

Still, what a sequence from Lynch.

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