Check Out This Ridiculous Catch from Tigers Shortstop Jose Iglesias (GIFs)

amazing catch by jose iglesias

If you look at the play-by-play for the top of third inning of Game 5 of the ALCS last night, you’ll see that Boston slugger David Ortiz was the first out on a pop-up to the Detroit shortstop. However—and this is one of the things that makes baseball so great—the official scoring of the play doesn’t even come close to telling the story.

Here is the story: the Tigers, like pretty much every team in Major League Baseball, had put the shift on for Ortiz.  Because the lefty has such an overwhelming tendency to pull the ball, the infielders bunched up over on the right side of the infield, with the second baseman playing in the shallow outfield grass and the shortstop playing about ten feet to the right of second base.  On Thursday night in Detroit, the shortstop for the Tigers was defensive wizard Jose Iglesias, and the pop-up that he caught for the first out was not where he was playing.  It was a pop-up to shallow left-center field. So the catch?  Yep, it was pretty freaking amazing.

Take a look:

jose iglesias amazing catch 1

jose iglesias amazing catch 2

That right there is range, kids.

The Red Sox eventually won the game, but for what it’s worth (not much, I imagine), the Tigers’ Iglesias had the highlight of the game.

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