Alex Boone Headbutts Colin Kaepernick Without A Helmet (GIF)

boone headbutt kaepernick 49ers

Headbutting: Is it safe? Should it require a helmet?

I’m guessing that Alex Boone of the San Francisco 49ers would answer those questions with a “yes” and a “no,” respectively.  Although, his teammate and recipient of the un-helmeted headbutt during Sunday’s game, Colin Kaepernick, might feel a little differently—at least if his facial expression after receiving the unusual gesture is any indication.

In the GIF which you can see below, Kaepernick evinces a mixture of confusion, admiration and fear, which is probably the exact combination of emotions I would feel if Alex Boone headbutted me.

Check out the priceless moment between teammates Alex Boone and Colin Kaepernick below. And to all the safety Nazis out there, at least one of them was wearing a helmet.

boone headbutt kaepernick

HAt Tip – [Ride the Pine]


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