Clemson Tigers Fan Steals the Show on ESPN College GameDay (GIF)

crazy clemson bro

In the world of college sports, there are a few tried and true ways of getting everyone in your vicinity and, more importantly, the people watching at home to put their eyes on you. One way is to paint your face.  Or, if you’re in a pinch, you could try taking off your shirt and pouring coffee all over yourself, like this Clemson Tigers fan did during ESPN’s College GameDay on Saturday.

At least I think that’s what this guy is doing. It definitely looks like coffee, and the way he’s sort of gingerly pouring it on his face makes me think it’s some kind of hot beverage, although I imagine it’s closer to “warm” than “scalding.”

So here’s to you, Clemson fan who ended up on ESPN while pouring an unidentified liquid all over yourself. Way to keep your shirt clean.

Check him out here:

crazy clemson fan

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