Colts’ Punter Pat McAfee Delivers Impressive Hit On Bronco Trindon Holliday (GIF)

mcafee hit on holliday

It’s well known that in football, punters are not generally revered for their skills in the laying-people-out department. But someone forgot to tell that to Pat McAfee, punter for the Indianapolis Colts.

As you can see in the GIFs below, McAfee hit the Denver Broncos’ Trindon Holliday hard enough to send him soaring through the air and out of bounds—although not quite hard enough to phase Holliday, who jumps right back up to his feet.  Not bad for a kicker.

Check out the hit from two different angles, below. And think about this the next time you feel like picking a fight with a punter—or at least Pat McAfee.

mcafee hit 1

mcafee hit 2

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