Meet Keelan Glass, the 6-Year-Old Who Just Set a Record by Completing a Half Marathon

keelan glass

On Saturday, October 12, Keelan Glass completed the Showdown Half Marathon in Fairview, Texas, in 2:46:31.

Is that good? No, not really. At least, not for an adult. But Keelan Glass is just six years old, and for that age, yes, 12:47 per mile is AMAZING. In fact, just finishing the 13.1-mile race at all is amazing. According to the Association of Road Racing Statistics, Keelan is the youngest person ever to do it. The previous record was held by a nine-year-old. And on this occasion she finished fifth among the 10 competitors in the 14-and-under classifications, the rest of whom were all over 12.

So what’s the deal with this little girl, you ask? Well, apparently she’s just a natural runner, and she’s been exposed to the sport from an early age. Her parents? Both triathletes. And when Keelan was young they’d go for jogs with her in the stroller. Then she told them she wanted to run with them, and by the time she was four she’d completed her first 5K. Then, by the age of five she’d completed her first 10K.

Fortunately, while Keelan herself is eager to run a full marathon by the age of 10, her mother is sensible and has expressed some concerns about letting her increase her distances.

What do you think? Should they let Keegan run? Or does she need to be held back?

Either way, this is one impressive young athlete.

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