Ohio State Marching Band Does the Moonwalk During Amazing Michael Jackson Tribute (Video)

ohio state marching badd michael jackson moonwalk

I’ve said it before, even though I have no idea what I’m talking about, and I’ll say it again: this surely must be the golden age of marching bands.

Yes, we occasionally see a member of a marching band slip, fall, and cause a hilarious ten-tuba pileup. But we more often see incredible performances in which marching bands play music while creating incredible formations, such as giant animated football players or giant dudes on surfboards. Most of us would have a hard enough time just playing a musical instrument, but these people do that and remember complicated marching patterns. It’s beyond impressive.

The latest and, until someone proves me wrong, greatest marching band feat? That belongs to the Ohio State University Buckeyes Marching Band. During halftime against Iowa this past Saturday, they performed a tribute to Michael Jackson. And though the performance as a whole was fantastic, there is one particular trick that is just viral video gold.

Take a look at the video and, if you’re pressed for time, after you note the PA announcer fail at the 0:24 mark, go ahead and skip to the 4:10 mark.

Well done, OSU Marching Band. Well done.

ohio state marching band michael jackson tribute gif

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