11 Ridiculously Erotic Exercise Gimmicks

erotic exercise gimmicks (sexy workout fads)

Sure, there are tried-and-true methods of getting fit, such as jogging, weight training, and playing sports. They all work, and they are all pretty easy to do. (You own shoes and can step outside your front door, right?) But why keep your workouts simple and straightforward when you could make them complicated and pay lots of extra money to make them sexy

And no, I don’t mean “sexy” as in flashy and new. I mean “sexy” as in literally producing sexual arousal or excitement.

Yes, these days we all know we need to be exercising more, but we’re also pretty lazy. So a great number of ambitious fitness “experts” have decided to try to sell fitness to us using the greatest selling point in the history of marketing: sex.

The result? A variety of “sexy” workout programs and machines designed to extricate money from your wallet in exchange for the promise of being hot and doable.

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