Fan Issues Death Threat to Brandon Jacobs Demanding 50 Yards Rushing and Two Touchdowns (Pic)

Brandon Jacobs

Sadly, death threats are a part of pro sports. They have been for a long time. Crazy fans get too worked up, invest too much of their emotional identities in the outcomes of games, and snap.

Of course, in the olden days—which is to say, about 10 years ago—you couldn’t just reach for your phone and threaten an athlete in the heat of the moment. You had to get a pen and paper, write the threat, look up the address of where to send it, buy a stamp, drop it in the mailbox, and hope that the dude gets it some time in the next two to three weeks. In other words, you had to commit to being a psycho.

Now it’s different. Now there is Twitter, which gives nutjobs direct and instant access to the targets of their ire. And that brings us to New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs.
On Monday, before his team’s MNF tilt against the hapless Vikings, the veteran received a death threat from a fan on Twitter demanding 50 yards and two touchdowns—because apparently this fan doesn’t follow the Giants too closely, and didn’t realize Jacobs wouldn’t be playing at all.

On Tuesday, Jacobs retweeted a screen cap of the since-deleted tweet:

brandon jacobs death threat tweet

Jacobs said Mr. Rayner later sent him a direct message apologizing for the threat, explaining that it was a poor attempt at a joke. And it probably was. But the Giants and NFL security aren’t taking any chances, so they are investigating.

That’s probably why Rayner deleted his account—which is the only smart thing he’s done all week.

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