According to Tweet, Cristiano Ronaldo Enjoys Looking at Pictures of Boys in Underwear

cristiano ronaldo underwear

Those of you who visit this site regularly (and don’t do everything you can to avoid soccer posts) know that we love to hate Cristiano Ronaldo. Why? Well sure, part of it’s because we wish we were him, with all that talent and money and a Victoria’s Secret Angel girlfriend. But it’s also because he’s like the Alex Rodriguez of soccer who almost always comes off as a giant d-bag.

That being said, we will admit that sometimes we  have to try to make him look bad. Sometimes we have to interpret things just so, making sure they are cast in the most negative light possible.

However, this is not one of those times. No, on this occasion, Ronaldo did a perfectly fine job of looking like a d-bag all on his own when he issued an very poorly worded tweet that made it sound like he really enjoyed looking at pictures of boys in their underwear:

cristiano ronaldo likes boys in underwear

What was Cristiano trying to say? Well, apparently his CR7 underwear line was having a contest to promote their new line of boys underwear. To win this competition, fans sent in pics of themselves showing what big Ronaldo fans they are. If chosen as the winner, they’d get a trip to meet the man himself and watch him play.

It was all pretty innocent, really, until somebody’s poor English skills came along and made it filthy.

In any case, the tweet was removed almost immediately, but not before every single person who saw it took a screen cap of it for posterity (thanks, internet!).  Meanwhile, we can only assume the PR person who actually published that tweet has been relieved of his or her duties.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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