High School Kid Returns Last-Second Field Goal 99 Yards Game-Winning Touchdown (Video)

99-yard field goal return for game-winning touchdown

Imagine you’re a high school football coach. Your team has the ball at the other team’s 41-yard line with 11 seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter of a 14-14 game. It’s fourth down. What do you do?

Well, the sensible thing would be to take a knee and try to win it in overtime. And if you want to take a little risk, you try a Hail Mary. But the last thing you should probably do—again, in a high school football game—is attempt a 57-yard field goal. In the entire 2012 NFL season, there were only five field goals of 57 yards or more. So far in 2013 there has been just one. The chances that your high school kicker can make a field goal that most professional kickers cannot make are incalculable.

Unfortunately for the De La Salle High football team (Warren, Michigan), coach Paul Verska did not quite see it this way. So when this exact situation came up this past Saturday against Detroit’s Catholic Central High School, he decided to attempt the 57-yarder.

The coaches for Catholic Central? Well, they were out of timeouts and thus did not have enough time to draw up a special play in the likely event that the field goal was short. Luckily for them, special teams player Zach Bock is a sharp cookie. So when he saw De La Salle lining up for a field goal, he dropped back to the goal line at the last second and waited.

The result of this quick thinking? Just a 99-yard field goal return for a game-winning touchdown.

Final score: Catholic 20, De La Salle 14.

Take a look:

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