Wild Defenseman Jonas Brodin Takes a Puck to the Face (GIF)

jonas brodin puck to face

For the longest time in the NHL, having teeth knocked out has just been considered “part of the game.” If you still had a pretty smile, the thinking went, you probably were not playing hockey the right way.

More recently, however, thinking has begun to shift. Guys are still getting their teeth knocked out, of course, but now people are starting to wonder whether that really is necessary when there are space age plastics that could be protecting their pretty faces.

Chances are Jonas Brodin is thinking about that today. The highly touted sophomore defenseman for the Minnesota Wild was on the receiving end of a dump-in by the Nashville Predators last night. The puck hit the kid square in the mouth, knocking him off his feat and, ultimately, out of the game.

Take a look:

jonas brodin puck to the face

After the game, a 2-0 win the the Wild, coach Mike Yeo was only able to say that Brodin left the arena and went to the hospital for x-rays. That’s still all we know.

Of course, the lack of an update from the Wild shouldn’t come as a surprise. The exact same thing happened to defenseman Keith Ballard just last week, and in that case, too, we were left in the dark—though we now know Ballard has been classified as suffering from a “head injury” and hasn’t played a game since.

Let’s hope, for everyone’s sake, that Brodin is back on the ice soon. And let’s also hope that players start wearing full face masks, because this is pretty dumb.

Hat Tip – [CBS Sports]

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