23 Animated GIFs of Marching Bands Being Awesome

marching band gifs

Most of us have to watch college football on television, whether because we don’t live close enough to a major program (that’s worth paying money to see) or because tickets to the games near us are too hard to get. Fortunately, shows like ESPN’s College Gameday do a pretty good job of showing us what it’s like to actually be there. Unfortunately, we still rarely get to experience what has become one of the absolute best things about the college game: the halftime performances of the marching bands.

Not too long ago, of course, marching bands weren’t that exciting. They just marched around playing a bunch of old tunes nobody really cared about. These days it’s different. Now they play renditions of the latest pop songs, and some of the complicated marching formations they pull off are absolutely astounding.

Today, we’re celebrate marching bands—the good, the bad, and the hilarious. So take a look at these GIFs. They’re definitely worth a few minutes of your day.


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