Game One of the World Series Summed Up in Two GIFs (GIFs)

st. louis cardinals fail - game 1 2013 world series

Coming into the 2013 World Series, all the experts were predicting a close, exciting battle between two balanced teams who were obviously the best in baseball. St. Louis has the edge in pitching. Boston has the edge in hitting. It was gonna go six or seven games, and they were going to be taught thrillers.

Then Game 1 happened.

In Game 1 last night at Fenway Park, it looked like the Red Sox were the Harlem Globetrotters and the Cardinals were the Washington Generals. Throws were dropped. Ground balls were muffed. And that was just shortstop Pete Kozma. All the while, the Red Sox were performing the baseball equivalent of behind-the-back ally-oop dunks.

In fact, it was so bad, you can pretty much sum up the entire game in one animated GIF…

…Well, maybe two.

wainwright molina world series fail 1

wainwright molina world series fail 2

Yep, that right there is Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina. The latter is the best defensive catcher of his generation. The former has a Gold Gloves of his own. And yet this happened.

The hometown BoSox went on to win 8-1, but the series isn’t over, of course. The Cardinals really are good and could easily rebound to win tonight with NLCS MVP Michael Wacha on the mound. And for the sake of baseball fans everywhere, let’s hope the Redbirds do turn it around. If they don’t, this year’s Fall Classic is going to be a pretty huge letdown.


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