World Series Cheating Controversy: Did Jon Lester Have an Illegal Substance on His Glove Last Night? (Pics + Video)


The Boston Red Sox’s Jon Lester pitched one hell of a game last night against the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series. He went 7.2 innings, struck out eight, walked one, and gave up just five hits and zero runs.

The only problem? He might have been cheating. Huge emphasis on the might.

Take a good look at this photo:

substance on jon lester's glove

Nothing? Take a closer look:

substance on jon lester's glove 2

See the green stuff on Lester’s glove? This was captured by a minor league pitcher in the Cardinals farm system named Tyler Melling. He tweeted it out to the world and mused whether Lester was getting a little help last night from his good friends Johnson & Johnson.

The tweet has since been deleted—most likely because Cardinals brass told Melling to do so—but it got out there. And before long, other internet sleuths were on the case, looking for evidence.

That turned up this additional photo, in which the substance is visible, though decidedly less green:

jon lester glove

As well as this clip of Lester touching that exact spot inside his glove…

And this GIF…

jon lester gif

So was Lester cheating last night? I certainly can’t say with any certainty, but maybe. All I really know for sure is that it looks fishy and, if there was something going on, he certainly wouldn’t be the first pitcher caught doctoring a baseball.

What do you think, internet?

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