Notre Dame Running Back Cam McDaniel is the Most Photogenic Man in Sports (Memes)

Move over Ridiculously Photogenic Jiu-Jitsu Guy.  There’s a new “most photogenic man in the world of sports,” and his name is Cam McDaniel.

The dreamy Notre Dame running back was photographed by Getty Images’ Jonathan Daniel after losing his helmet on one of his 18 rushing attempts during Saturday’s 14-10 victory over USC.  McDaniel would go on to gain 97 total yards, as well as the heart of every American.  And thankfully, his face was not harmed during the making of this ridiculously perfect image.

You can check out some of the memes to transpire from McDaniel’s helmetless rush above.  And for more great memes and clips, you may want to check out the following Facebook Fan Pages: NFL Memes, Best Sports Vines, Sports Memes and NBA LOLz.

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