Sabres Goon John Scott Levels Loui Eriksson with Elbow to the Head (Video)

john scott elbow headshot on loui eriksson

Hello, Mr. Scott?  Telephone call. Brendan Shanahan is on line one.

Last night in Buffalo, Sabres goon John Scott delivered one of the dirtiest headshots the NHL has seen in a long time. The hit was late, he led with his elbow, and he targeted the head. The victim of the vicious attack? That would be Loui Eriksson of the Boston Bruins.

There is absolutely no doubt that John Scott will receive a suspension for this act of violence. The only questions is how long it will be.

Take a look at the hit for yourself:

Like I said at the outset, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen a hit that bad. And it’s not like this kind of behavior is uncharacteristic of Scott, either. Before this very game, which was on NBCSN, Mike Milbury singled him out as a dirty player who doesn’t belong in the league. Then he went out and made Milbury look like some kind of psychic.

So what did Milbury have to say about Scott after the game? A lot. And it wasn’t nice.

(The best part might just be the 5:45 mark.)

I don’t think I’ve ever said this before, but Mike Milbury is absolutely 100% correct. Scott should be out of the game, and Sabres coach Ron Rolston should be fired. Like, yesterday. The Sabres are awful, and Scott had no business being out there on the ice against the Bruins’ skilled second line.

Sometimes I can be sympathetic to goons. They’re just trying to make a living playing the game they love, filling a role that they didn’t necessarily intend to fill when they started out in juniors. But this kind of play is ridiculous. Loui Eriksson is also just a guy trying to make a living playing the game he loves. And when you hit him in the head with your elbow, you put his ability to do that in jeopardy.

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