Kuwaiti Soccer Referee Slaps and Kicks Players Who Get Up in His Grill (Video)

kuwaiti soccer red slaps player

It used to be that we only told you stories of soccer referees being abused by players, coaches, and fans. More and more, however, we’re bringing you stories of referees who aren’t taking that sh*t anymore. And today we have another.

At a recent game in Kuwait between clubs Alnaser and Alarabi—who for all we know are the powerhouses of Kuwaiti soccer—the match official awarded a penalty shot to Alarabi after one of their players was taken down in the box. At first glance it looked like a reasonable call, but maybe the Alarabi player embellished his fall. Either way, the Alnaser players disagreed, and they did so vehemently—which is to say one of them got right up in the official’s face before four more of his teammates came and surrounded the guy.

Mr. Kuwaiti referee wasn’t in the mood for any of that, though. So he just stepped up and slapped one of the Alnaser players in the face. Of course, being a soccer player, he fell to the ground and rolled around while holding his face, even though the blow wasn’t that hard.

That wasn’t the end of it, though. After another player tried to come at him, the referee kicked him. Then he started dishing out red cards. And after Alarabi scored their PK, one of the Alnaser players kicked the ball at the ref during the ensuing kickoff, so he got sent off too.

All in all, it was pretty wild. Take a look:

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