High School Cheerleader Mikayla Clark Breaks World Record With 44 Backflips…Or Did She? (Video)

world record 44 backflips

You’d think that performing 44 backflips in a row would earn you two things: a world record and a massive case of dizziness.  Unfortunately for Mikayla Clark, it didn’t.

The 16-year-old member of the Westlake High School cheerleading team was able to string together an amazing 44 backflips in a row during the Westlake football team’s homecoming game on Friday.  And while that more than likely earned her a serious case of dizziness, it didn’t earn her a world record because a Guinness World Records representative was not present to witness it in person.

That must have sucked for Mikayla when she was made aware of her invalid attempt at the record books, but here’s something that should cheer her up:  according to reports, the actual record for most backwards handsprings is now 53, but it has not yet been publicized because it is set to air on a UK television show later this fall.

Until that performance by an unknown Texas gymnast is revealed, the record will continue to be owned by 16-year-old Madison Ross, who performed 36 consecutive backflips at the Ohio Valley Mall in St. Clairsville, Ohio, on New Years Eve last year.

Here’s a look at Mikayla Clark’s not-quite-record-breaking performance:

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