Cam Newton and Steve Mariucci Were Scared to Death by the Bucs’ Pirate Cannon (Video + GIFs)

Steve Mariucci scared by tampa bay cannon

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may be one of the worst teams in football this year. In fact, probably the only team that’s worse than them right now are the Jaguars (what’s going on in central Florida?).

However, the Bucs do have something that no other NFL team has: a giant, 103-foot, 43-ton steel and concrete pirate ship in the north end zone that fires footballs and confetti out of a cannon whenever the team scores, or gets into their opponents’ red zone, or just tries really hard (yes, these days their standards have to be pretty low or else they’d never use the thing).

Anyway, we bring up the Bucs’ pirate ship today because last night, prior to their game against the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football, that thing was scaring the bejeezus out of everybody.

First it caught Panthers QB Cam Newton off guard:

cam newton scared by cannon

Then it took a few years off the life of NFL Network analyst Steve Mariucci, who was doing a report right from the deck of the ship at the time:

steve mariucci scared by cannon

Meanwhile, Marshall Falk was cool as a cucumber…though he did find Mariucci’s reaction hilarious.

Here’s the video, too, so you can hear the audio:

The Bucs may have lost the game 31-13, but their cannon works. So that’s something.

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