9 Reasons MLB Should Shorten Its Season

reasons for shorter mlb season

Have you looked at the calendar recently? It’s October 28. Halloween is three days away. November is four. The NFL regular season is more than halfway over. And yet we’re only four games into a World Series that’s going to take at least six and quite possibly seven games to decide.

This isn’t the natural order of things. Yes, baseball really is unlike any other sport in that (a) teams can play almost everyday and (b) need to play everyday if you’re going to determine who is the best. And yes, I love this fact, as do many others. The sport is simply too fluky to play only 80 or so games like they do in the NHL or NBA.

That being said, do you really need 162 games over the course of six months to figure out who is the best, and then stage a month-long postseason tournament? No. You don’t. And today I’m going to tell you why the season needs to be shortened. So sit back and put your debating hat on. (You do have a debating hat, don’t you? No, it’s just me?) Now click those arrows.