While Dez Bryant Was Busy Yelling, Calvin Johnson Was Busy Catching 14 Passes for 329 Yards (GIFs)

calvin johnson catch

Somehow, yesterday’s game between the Cowboys and Lions got billed as a showdown between Calvin Johnson and Dez Bryant

On paper, just looking at the numbers, that seemed reasonable enough. Heading into Week 8, Bryant had 569 receiving yards, while Johnson had just 492. Both were behind A.J. GreenDemaryius ThomasVictor Cruz, and Eric Decker, but they were still in the top 10, and no one doubted the fact that both were elite talents.

Unfortunately, while Dez Bryant was expending most of his energy on the sidelines, yelling at everyone on his team, Megatron was busy doing stuff like this:

calvin johnson run after the catch

Aaaand this:

calvin johnson great catch

Yes, with his 14 receptions for a staggering 329 yards, I’d say Megatron made it pretty clear that, while he and Bryant are technically in the same league, they are not on the same level.

That. Was. Ridiculous. This week the Cowboys secondary actually made the Bengals secondary look good. Which is messed up.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Calvin’s 329 yards were just seven yards short of the NFL record set by Flipper Anderson back in 1989.

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