Sea Lion Steals Trophy Fish Right Out of Guy’s Hands (Video)

sea lion steals fish

If you or anyone you know likes to fish, then you certainly have heard your fair share of stories about the one that got away. Maybe it was about a 25-foot marlin that your friend from work says his brother caught in Mexico. Or maybe it was about the catfish as big as a golden retriever that your uncle had in his boat until it unhooked itself, stole his car keys, and flopped out.  The point is, you’ve heard them.

Unfortunately, most tales about “the one that got away” cannot be corroborated by any evidence, let alone video. And that’s what sets the guy in the video you’re about to watch apart from the rest. When his buddies call bullsh*t on him as he tells them about the time a sea lion jumped out of the water and stole his exotic trophy fish right out of his hands while he was posing for a picture, he can just whip out his phone and show them this video:

Is there a chance this is fake? Absolutely. That Asian guy in the background looks a little suspicious. Like, sea lion-trainer-suspicious. But it’s also possible that he’s just a curious onlooker. And man, do I hope this is 100% real, because it’s one of the best fish stories I’ve ever heard.

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