Here’s Audio of Dez Bryant’s Blowup with Tony Romo (Video)

dez bryant sideline rant audio

Well, I hate to break it to you guys who really want to hate Cowboys receiver Dez Braynt, but we now have audio of his “outburst” on the sidelines from the Cowboys-Lions game on Sunday, and it pretty much confirms what Bryant and his coaches and teammates said: it wasn’t negative.

Bryant was animated and, yes, a little upset. But he was ultimately very respectful to Tony Romo—something you can’t even say about many Cowboys fans—and in the end Bryant, Romo, and defensive coordinator Derek Dooley got together for what looked like a very positive, constructive discussion of strategy.

See it and hear it for yourself or Click here to see the NFL Films version.

Did you notice the way Bryant pauses at the 0:23 mark to see what’s happening on the field? That’s a guy who is into the game and wants to win. People can call him selfish and childish all they want, but they’re just wrong. I’d love to have a guy with this much passion on my sidelines. But that’s just me.

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