Douchebag Alert: Golden Tate Ruins Awesome Touchdown with Childish Taunt (GIFs)

golden tate taunt

When they scheduled this week’s Monday Night Football matchup, they thought it would be a hard-fought divisional game. Then Rams quarterback Sam Bradford tore his ACL, ending his season and the Rams’, and suddenly everyone was anticipating a blowout. But that’s okay, because blowouts can be fun to watch, too.

Only there was no blowout. The beleaguered Rams actually outplayed Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. They had more total yards (339 to an embarrassing 135), more passing yards (139 to 91), and, somehow, more rushing yards (200 to just 44). The only reason the Seahawks won the game 14-9 was because they were at least able to make one big play. With four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Wilson hit Golden Tate with a bomb down the left side for an 80-yard touchdown.

This was quite literally the only exciting thing that happened. And Tate made it even more exciting by being a huge douchebag.

What did he do? He taunted the Rams—specifically, Rodney McLeod—as he was running into the end zone.

Take a look:

golden tate touchdown taunt celebration 2

golden tate touchdown taunt celebration 2

I’ve never been one of those uptight guys who thinks any celebration beyond a high five should be banned. I like when guys do dances and dunk the football on the upright. But this isn’t a celebration. It’s a guy with one of the stupidest names in football playing for a team that was underperforming who somehow has the nerve to disrespect an opponent to his face.

Tate got a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct, but of course that was applied after the ensuing kickoff. And after the game he apologized for his behavior—but not to the Rams, just his own team.

“That was immature of me. Hurt my team. I’ve gotta stay composed. … Act like I’ve been there before,” Tate admitted. “I gotta apologize to our special teams. I put them in an awkward situation, but more happy to get up and learn from it and move forward.”

Meanwhile, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Tate’s taunt “kind of washes away a fantastic football play,” which it most certainly did.

In college football, if you celebrate a touchdown before you actually score, the whole play is negated.

Maybe the NFL should institute an anti-taunting rule like that. What do you think?

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