Ohio State Buckeyes Marching Band Performs Tribute to Hollywood (Video)

ohio state marching band tribute to hollywood

The Ohio State Buckeyes marching band had a lot of pressure on them this past weekend. After taking the internet by storm last week with their insanely awesome tribute to Michael Jackson, everyone would be looking for them to do something really impressive again this time around.

Fortunately, they were up to the task. They cooked up a tribute to Hollywood for their home game against Penn State, and it featured Super Man saving the day, the Tower of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter on his broom, a giant T-Rex from Jurassic Park, and finally, a sea battle from Pirates of the Caribbean—and all while playing the films’ theme songs, obviously.

Here’s the full performance:

And here’s a little highlight package somebody made on Vine:

If there were a BCS poll for the nation’s college football marching bands, I think it’s safe to say these guys would be number one.

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