Kyrie Irving is Back as Uncle Drew, and He Brought Two Friends with Him (Video)

uncle drew iii

Good news, basketball fans. In advance of the 2013-14 NBA season, which kicks off—when is it again?—oh right, tonight, Kyrie Irving is back as “Uncle Drew.”

Now, in case you somehow haven’t heard of the Uncle Drew phenomenon, it’s basically an entertaining series of six-minute commercials for Pepsi Max in which Irving dresses up as a legendary street baller who goes around challenging youngsters to games, proving he’s still got the moves. Obviously, the old man’s name is Uncle Drew.

The first installment really played up the element of surprise, capturing the shock of onlookers (who were supposedly not in on the gag) when this old man started pulling off showtime dunks. The second installment was more of the same, only we saw Uncle Drew seek out one of his old street ball pals—who was played by Kevin Love.

So what’s going on in the third installment? Even more of the same. However, instead of Kevin Love, this one features the diminutive Nate Robinson as “Lights” and Maya Moore of the WNBA at “Betty Lou.”

Take a look:

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