35 Sexy NFL Cheerleader Halloween Costumes [2013 Edition]

nfl cheerleader halloween costumes 2013

There are a handful of things you can count on to happen every year around this time. One, you will eat way more candy in a five-day period than any grown adult ever should. Two, Hollywood will release a handful of hastily-put-together horror movie sequels. Three, the hardworking cheerleading squads of the NFL will don sexy Halloween costumes. And, four, we will do a list featuring the very best of these sexy NFL cheerleader Halloween costumes. Because it’s our duty.

Now, before we get to this year’s list, we must confess something: this year there were not quite as many awesome costumes to choose from. Chalk it up to the fact that there were four teams with byes in Week 8 while two played in London, and the fact that Halloween is on a Thursday, which no doubt left some squads wondering when the appropriate time to observe the holiday would be.

Still, there were cheerleaders in costumes this year, and they were sexy as always. So this list is still going to be good.

With that, no more reading. Let’s get started…


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