Brazilian Surfer Carlos Burle Saves Woman’s Life, Then Surfs Biggest Wave Ever (Video)

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What did you do on Monday? Not much?

Well, Brazilian surfer Carlos Burle had a pretty interesting day. First he staged a dramatic rescue that saved his friend and surfing partner Maya Gabeira from drowning. Then he went back out into the ocean and rode what might turn out to be the biggest wave ever surfed.

I guess the rest of the week is all downhill from there.

Brule and Gabeira were in Portugal surfing the legendary waves off the coast of Nazare in the hopes that, just maybe, they’d catch a good one and break the world record set by Garrett McNamara—whether the official one set two years ago, or the unofficial one still pending review.

To surf these kinds of waves, you need a tow from a jet ski, so you partner up with somebody and take turns. That’s what Brule and Gabeira were doing Monday. And on one of Gabeira’s runs, she hit a bump, broke her ankle, got caught in the wave, and was lost for five whole minutes. Finally, Brule was able to locate her, and he began a pretty dramatic effort to rescue her.

Take a look at the truly harrowing footage:

Now, after that experience, a normal person probably would have packed up and called it a day. But surfers aren’t normal people, and Brule wasn’t just going to pass up a chance to set a record. So after he knew Gabeira was okay—and she is okay—he headed back out.

That’s when he caught a wave that might just beat McNamara’s estimated 100-footer.

Take a look at the video. The potential record-breaker comes at the 3:11 mark:

It will be a while until we know for sure if Burle did in fact set a new world record. But even if he didn’t, he sure had one hell of a day to remember.

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