Drake Tries to Convince Toronto Fans That the Raptors Are Totally Cool! (Video)

drake raptors global ambassador

The Toronto Raptors probably aren’t going to be any good this year. How could they be? Their biggest free agent signing of the offseason had nothing to do with actually winning basketball games and everything to do with making their brand “cool.”

Last month, the Raptors announced that hometown rap superstar Drake would be serving as the team’s “global ambassador.” The team didn’t really list any of his official duties, but we know this is basically a mutually beneficial arrangement in which Drake gets the cachet of being the face of an NBA team, while the Raptors get to hitch themselves to his ever-rising star.

How will all this work? Well, we know he’s going to be involved in the franchise’s clothing line. We also know that he’ll serve as “honorary host” of the 2016 All-Star Game.

And now there’s this dramatic, two and a half minute season kick-off commercial in which Drake waxes poetic about what the city of Toronto means to him, and how he personally wants to bring a college basketball vibe to the Air Canada Centre.

Take a look:

So there you have it, Raptors fans. Your team may not be good at basketball, but you should come to the games anyway because Drake said so!

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