Pascal Dupuis Pulls Out His Own Teeth, Doesn’t Miss a Shift (Video)

pascal dupuis pulls out his own tooth

There’s really not much point debating which sport has the toughest athletes. You could make a strong case for a number of them, especially football and rugby. Hell, even basketball, baseball, and tennis might have their proponents.  Soccer, golf, and bowling? Not so much.

That being said, if you wanted to make a case for hockey players being the toughest athletes, that certainly wouldn’t be hard to do. You could simply start with the clip we have for you here.

Last night, during the Pittsburgh Penguins game against the Boston Bruins, Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis took a stick to the mouth from teammate Kris Letang that knocked a couple of chiclets loose. But did he grab his face, fall to the ice, and roll around? No. Did he run off to the locker room crying? No.  Rather, he went to the bench, pulled the teeth out himself, handed them to the team trainer, and resumed playing hockey.

Take a look:

Does this prove hockey players are the toughest athletes? Absolutely not. But it’s certainly a compelling starting point. Could you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo doing that?

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