Check Out This Girl’s Amazing Rapid Fire Basketball Skills (Video)

girl with amazing rapid fire basketball skills

You know those arcade basketball games in which you have to sink as many miniature basketballs into the little hoop as possible before time expires?

Well, everyone knows the skills required to succeed at them don’t translate into actual success on a basketball court, and vice versa. So for fans of actual basketball, it’s hard to get too excited when someone happens to be really good at those things, just like fans of actual baseball aren’t excited when some guy at a carnival is really good at knocking the three milk jugs off the pedestal with the softball.

Today, however, I think every fan of basketball (and sports in general) is going to appreciate this clip. It features a young woman who looks to be in her 20s playing one of those arcade basketball games, and what makes it special is the fact that she plays in full-on rapid fire mode for a full 60 seconds and makes every single shot.  You can’t exactly say she’s got basketball skills. But she’s got something.

Take a look:

I’m pretty sure this woman made more shots in this one minutes than Shaquille O’Neal made free throws in his entire career. Well done.

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