Red Sox World Series Celebration: Hopefully You Didn’t Park Your Car Anywhere Near Fenway Last Night (Videos)

boston red sox fans flipping cars

The Boston Red Sox won their third World Series Championship in 10 years by defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 6 last night. You would think, therefore, that their fans are getting the hang of championship celebrations by now.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It seems that a decade of success is not quite long enough to teach a fan base how to party without destroying things, because, yeah, Sox fans hit the street to flip cars after the game.

Here’s one instance, in which the poor bastard driving the car is still inside:

And here’s another instance, in which, thankfully, the owner of the vehicle was nowhere to be found:

This vandalism doesn’t quite compare to what we saw in San Francisco last year, where an entire city bus was destroyed. But it still really sucks for the people whose rides were trashed.

Boston Strong, alright.  With some Boston Drunk and Stupid, too.

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