Dallas’ Dez Bryant Pulls off Helmet to Protest Penalty, Gets Another Penalty (GIF)

Dez Bryant's Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Did you ever get in trouble with your parents and try to argue back, which only made them increase your punishment? It’s a frustrating moment that many of us have experienced, and that sensation probably came flooding back to Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant during Sunday’s game against the Vikings.

Bryant was flagged for pass interference, a call that he evidently didn’t agree with. So he pulled off his helmet to argue with the ref about it, which earned him another penalty, this one for unsportsmanlike conduct. Making matters worse for Bryant was Minnesota’s defensive end Jared Allen, who was clearly seen laughing it up as it happened.

You can see the whole thing, including Jared Allen’s laughter, in the GIFs below:

 Cowboys' Dez Bryant Draws Flag, Takes Helmet off as Vikings' Jared Allen Laughs


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