Sacred Heart Wide Receiver Records Fumble, Forced Fumble, Fumble Recovery and Touchdown on the Same Play (Video)

Fumble Recovery Touchdown

Moses Webb, wide receiver for Sacred Heart University, experienced quite an emotional roller coaster during a game against Monmouth University over the weekend.

It all started when Webb fumbled the ball and watched it fall into a player from Monmouth’s hands. But he didn’t just stop and give up at that point, instead chasing down the carrier and forcing another fumble, which he recovered and ran back into the end zone for the touchdown—en route to a 24-21 Sacred Heart victory. It was what we in the sports writing business refer to as, “the damndest thing.”

You can see Webb’s fumble/forced fumble/recovery/touchdown, which some are calling one of the best plays of the season, in its entirety in the video below. Enjoy.

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